• TERRA SPATIUM SA is a Greek company, with more than 20 years of experience in the fields of Geo-information; such as environmental and physical surface management, telecommunication, monitoring and management of utility networks, border control, national and regional planning, maritime monitoring, agriculture, defence, critical infrastructure and management of natural resources exploitation,
  • TERRA SPATIUM is a long-standing distributor of AIRBUS Defence & Space in Greece in the field of satellite imagery and EO data applications.



  • TERRA SPATIUM remains the sole image data & services distributor, in Greece and Cyprus, of the full range of products and markets of AIRBUS Defence & Space. We provide geospatial image products & Geo-information services, through the synergistic operation of Pléiades, Spot-6/7 and TerraSAR-X Earth Observation satellites.
  • TERRA SPATIUM is an authorized distributor of TerraNIS services, Oenoview® and Pixagri® to support Precision agriculture, precision viticulture, land and water management.
  • TERRA SPATIUM is an authorized distributor of e-Geos (Cosmo-SkyMed) products and services, to complement our range of available satellite data and coverage needs of any application.
  • In parallel, TERRA SPATIUM handles sales & supports activities for acknowledged geospatial software tools, with our best example being the Inpho®, Precision Photogrammetry & Digital Modeling suite from TRIMBLE.
  • Additionally, TERRA SPATIUM is establishing an aerial remote sensing capability with SCHIEBEL, and its operational unmanned air systems as observation platforms, and RIEGL, laser measurement systems, offering LiDAR sensors for mission adaptable payloads.



  • TERRA SPATIUM creates added value, through application specific processing, production and dissemination of all-source geospatial data and Geo-information.
  • We are able to provide structured consulting services, for markets that require comprehensive geospatial advice, and with emphasis on the geo-information management and application functionality aspects. This includes feasibility & requirements studies, as well as implementation and operation methodologies.
  • TERRA SPATIUM is able to design, implement, organize and support rigorous geospatial systems and customized applications. From system architecture & operational concept to software & hardware integration, including Geo-Data Base, Image Server, GIS projects and their respective Web application.



  • TERRA SPATIUM contributes its expertise and capabilities in the context of the European Commission’s framework programmes for research and innovation. With distinguished partners we are currently involved in the programs:

           – HORIZON 2020 EUGENIUS:
           – FabSpace:
           – Neptune World-Biocoast
           – miBeez©,
           –  “Execution of Quality Control of Digital VHR orthophotos and DTM, extracted from digital aerial photographs, over  Greece– LSO25” for the   National Cadastre and Mapping SA as subcontractor of the project responsible for all the optical and automatic checks that were needed for evaluating the quality of the delivered orthophotomaps and DTM over the whole country.
          – LOBOS,
          – SAGRES
          – D-BOX
          – CHARMe
          – ESA IAP LBCSS ESA’s Study on Earth observation Ground Segment System of Systems for civil security
          – EDA’s NEOS

  • We are also members in the CORALLIA Hellenic Technology Cluster Initiative. More precisely, TERRA SPATIUM  performed as Technical Coordinator for the ACRITAS project, within the Hellenic Space Technologies and Applications Cluster (si-Cluster).
  • Furthermore, TERRA SPATIUM is Co-Founder of EUGENIUS