HELLENIC INSTRUMENTS specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of advanced military and industrial electronic systems, providing innovative solutions, and enabling access in emerging technologies to customers around the globe. Experienced and qualified engineers emphasize on designing high performing and ergonomically advanced systems that allow straightforward integration on existing multi-purpose architectures. HELLENIC INSTRUMENTS products aid on lowering development and application risks, keeping quality, innovation and adaptability on top priority. Our commitment is to deliver products and services that are safe, compliant and of the highest quality, essential for achieving our ambition to be recognized and trusted as a Defense & Aerospace Industry. The main principle of HELLENIC INSTRUMENTS is to never compromise on the safety and quality of our products, that are developed and manufactured in accordance to relevant laws and regulatory requirements. For this matter, HELLENIC INSTRUMENTS has developed and implemented a comprehensive Quality Management System according to ISO: 9001 -2015, that is integrated into all business activities and with the scope of : Design, Development, Manufacture, Assembly and Servicing of Avionic, Electronic, Telecommunication and Aerospace Equipment ¬Systems -Accessories -Devices, Deliverable Software Design and Development for Aerospace and Defense Applications as well as Trading of Them. HELLENIC INSTRUMENTS adheres to all procedures required by the Industrial Security Regulation (issued in February 2005 by the Hellenic National Defense General Staff). It is certified by the same Authority for security clearance level SECRET – NATO SECRET – EU SECRET. Also enlisted as a NATO Manufacturer with NCAGE: G2310 and D-U-N-S Number: 498882768. HELLENIC INSTRUMENTS product line covers the following:
  •    High Performance Pan-Tilt Units
  •   Multi-Sensor Marine and Remote Monitoring Systems
  •   Coastal and Border Surveillance Systems
  •  Advanced Jamming Solutions
  •  Telecommunication Systems
  •  Security and Surveillance Systems
  •  Artillery Fuses
  •  Industrial Automation Systems