About Us

  • Non-profit organization, representing the Greek defense industry.
  • Advocating interests of its members to all governmental and international authorities.
  • Partner in political, economic, industrial and technological defense matters.
  • Close cooperation with the European Defense Agency (EDA), through its participation in the Aerospace & Defense Industries Association of Europe (ASD) being the national representative of the Greek Defense Industries.
  • Members the thirty-two (32) largest state and privately owned companies among the domestic defense industries.

Fields of Expertise

  • Aircraft subassemblies and engine parts from metallic and composite materials as well as ground support equipment.
  • Production of wheeled, tracked and armored vehicles as well as buses and trucks.
  • Refurbishment and modernization of APC and AFV.
  • Infantry weapons and riffles, weapon and missile systems.
  • Ammunition of small – medium – large caliber.
  • New ship buildings – modernizations, upgrades & repairs.
  • Hybrid Electric Power and Environmental/ renewable energy systems.
  • Homeland Security Systems.
  • Communications, electronics, electro-optic systems, encryption devices, C4I systems, EW and security systems, harnesses, satellite systems and applications, missile electronic components and advanced military software applications.
  • CNC machining, welding, painting, assembly and testing for components and component groups for vehicles.
  • Production of bulk molding compound and composites.
  • Aircraft, engines, accessories and avionics maintenance.
  • Small and medium complex spare parts for general mechanical and electronic applications, transmission couplings and metal grids.