Hellenic Aerospace Security & Defense Industries Group

Hellenic Aerospace Security & Defense Industries Group (HASDIG) is a Member of the Aerospace & Defense Industries Association of Europe (ASD), being the National Association representing in it the respective Hellenic Industries and has endorsed the ASD Common Industry Standards (CIS), an initiative targeting to reaffirm its continued dedication to contribute to a market place free of corruptible practices, allowing all participants in the international market to compete on an equal and fair basis.

HASDIG has 32 members employing over 8.000 employees with a further large number of suppliers in Greece, the majority of them being SMEs. Total annual industry turnover in Defense contracts (domestic & international) is around 680 million Euro.

HASDIG member-companies have a considerable know-how in R&D activities and their infrastructure is of very high standards. Besides the local defense market, HASDIG members have also developed successful co-operations with leading international defense manufacturers.

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